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Clinics and Camps
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AGM Oct. 25 & Christmas Party Dec. 6 

I would like to invite everyone to our TWC AGM on Saturday, October 25th.

Pot luck at 6:00 pm.   Short business meeting at 7:00 pm.  Draw prizes!!

Great food.  Lots of time to mingle and share summer memories.

Location:  Emily Carr Rec Centre (Mike's place).

Nominations for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Member at Large. Email to Wayne at info@twc.bc.ca

Put a big X on your calendar for the TWC CHRISTMAS SOCIAL on Saturday, December 6th.

Dinner at the Olive Grove at Royal Oak.  Awards, food, prizes.......

Tickets $30, available from the social committee,  Val, Maggie, Jacqui, Estle.....



Banff Photos

Check out Wayne's photos from Banff at: http://www.twc.bc.ca/photos/banff-2014/


Triathlon BC News

Just a reminder about the TRI-BC Gala Evening on Saturday, September 20th, in Vancouver.
We have a single ticket if you are planning to be in Vancouver (thanks to Jim Brackenbury).
Contact me if you can use the ticket....   Wayne
Also the TRI-BC AGM takes place on Saturday, September 27th, in Victoria(at PISE) at 2:00 pm.
If you are interested in seeing how TRI-BC operates, I recommend you attend.



Edmonton World Championship

The Edmonton triathlon was a great experience for everyone but for those of you checking the results, it was not as successful for me.  I hit a pothole on the bike and flatted out.  I went down on a corner. A little road rash and after two inner tubes I still couldn't fix the flat!

Now in Banff.  Water very cold, mandatory wet suit.  Bob Wooff would love the bike course.  About 4 km constant UP and 3 km windy down. Race is on Saturday.



TWC members have been busy this summer!


Mediofondo (92 km) Debbie Bugg, Karen Knott(2nd), Tony Knott, Bob Wooff(1st), Val Wooff

Granfondo(160 km)  Mike Ellis


Rob Hare(1st) 


Kathy Davidson(FIRST IRONMAN!!),  Laura Leno(2nd)



Fern Esau(1st)


Sprint Duathlon 

Maurice Robinson(3rd male overall!)


John Botelho(4th)

Sprint Triathlon 

Bertrand Bozek(1st), Debbie Hazelwood((1st), Evan Fagan(1st), Ian Woodson(1st), Jacqui Coulson(3rd), Lori Morgan(2nd), Marie Kaplan(1st), Sue Weightman(2nd)

Olympic Triathlon

Dan Dunaway(5th), Fern Esau(2nd), Jeff Vandendriessen(4th), Jim Brackenbury(3rd), Keith Evans(1st), Tom Weightman(2nd), Wayne Coulson(1st)


Club run and potluck - August 24th


Rob Hare’s place on Langford Lake – 2805 Guyton Way.


Early run group at 0800.

Second run group at 0900.

Possible swim in the lake after for those interested – should be still wetsuit optional  by then, probably around 20 C.

Potluck at 1000 or when everyone is back and changed.

English or French cuisine potluck items are encouraged.


Directions to 2805 Guyton Way:

Take Highway 1 towards Nanaimo, go past the COSTCO exit, take exit 16 (Leigh Road).

Left at the lights, Right at the stop sign (Goldstream Ave).

After about 1 km, turn left on Lakeshore, left on Kingfisher, bear right onto Guyton Way.

Look for Blue House, black chain-link fence, Canada Flag on silver flagstaff in backyard.


Lots of parking in the driveway.


If lost – 250-478-8688 


Race report - Squamish triathlon, July 6, 2014 Rob Hare 

I had been training for the Desert Half Iron in Osoyoos (my A-race of the year) for several months, when with only 2 weeks to go, I received notice that the race had been cancelled.

work in progress :)


June TWC Achievements

TWC members were very successful at the NEW Subaru 70.3 Victoria Half Iron Race at Elk Lake.
SPRINT  Maurice Robinson(1)  Sue Weightman(1)
OLYMPIC  Keith Evans(1)  Tom Weightman(1)  Dan Dunaway(2)  Jim Brackenbury(3)
HALF IRON Laura Leno(2)  Rob Hare(16)  Fern Esau(4)
Well Done!
Bob and Val Wooff are cycling in the French Alps.
Training pays off!
Stef Moreau completed his Wounded Warrior Bike Ride in France.
Kevin Taylor passed the 1000 mile mark on his Pacific Crest Trail Trek!
Follow his achievements and send him a note on http://Postholer.Com/Kevin%20Taylor



Saturday Bike Rides

 Saturday bike rides continue at 8:30 am with great success! We had several stretches of strong pulls today for those who wanted. We even had a coffee in Sidney as an option, with a shorter ride home. Rick Wutzke is back from Europe with great stories. Coming up East Saanich we were warned about the police at the Panorama corner. We dutifully stopped at the STOP sign and observed another rider coming down the hill with a police car in pursuit. Obviously he didn't get the message! Bob and Val Wooff are having a great time in Europe. Attached are pictures of Bob at the peak of Mont Ventoux and Val on the top of the Neiderhorn. They hope to have them back with us soon. Brick workout? Keith Evans has started to add a short run at the end of the bike ride. Bring along your running shoes if you're up for it.


Success Stories

More Track and Field success!!

The Dogwood T & F Meet in Victoria gave TWC members a chance to shine.  Anne Murfitt set a PB in the Hammer Throw and new comer, Stefan Moreau won the 100m and 200m in his age group with a second in the Shot Putt.

Escape from Alcatraz!

Fern Esau escaped from Alcatraz with a silver medal in her age group!  Wow!

Brick Training (bike-run)

This coming Sunday, June 8th, TWC will be doing a ``brick``workout in preparation for the Subaru Triathlon.

We will bike the Subaru course from Elk Lake at 9 am, followed by a run on the trail.  Distances will vary.

If you want to fit in a swim and transition practice, arrive at 8 am with your wet suit. 

Transition practice pays off!

Practising your transitions, especially the wetsuit strip, does make you faster!  On Friday we will finish the swim at Thetis Lake with a timed wetsuit transition.  Free coffee to the fastest strippers!  (See Dan Smith`s article in Lifesport Digest)


More transition work to follow!

We will be doing mulitple short transition work, short bike and run repeats, tenatively starting on Tuesday(June 10th) afternoons,at Elk Lake.  Confirmation soon.  (See Lance Watson`s article in Lifesport Digest)


Congratulations to all the TWC members who raced this past weekend.


SPRINT    Lori Morgan(3), Rob Hare(6), Jim Brackenbury(1), Evan Fagan(1)

OLYMPIC Kathy Davidson(1), Laura Leno(2)

RELAY   Fern Esau(R)


Greg Leiman(2) 

Good racing wishes to Fern who competes at the ALCATRAZ CHALLENGE.

Please send us your photos/race results!! 

The VICTORIA GODDESS RUN in Langford on June 1st is still looking for marshalls.  Tech shirt included.


Bateman races international!

Chris Bateman has sent us photos from his latest running adventure, the Schlossermarathon in Vienna.



Kevin's Pacific Crest Trail trip

I'm heading to San Diego on April 16 and plan to start hiking the Pacific Crest Trail on Friday, April 18.  I'll head north from the Mexican border about an hour east of San Diego. Here is a link to my trip journal:


I'm going to miss all my swimming, cycling, running and hiking friends!

For website additions, please email Lori (webmaster2@twc.bc.ca) or Wayne (info@twc.bc.ca).

Cheers, Kevin


Observatory Hill Safe Cycling Reminder

Hello Cyclists,

Spring is here and it’s that time again to put out the annual reminder regarding cycling safety on Observatory Hill.

Thanks again to all of you who adhere to the rules of the road and demonstrate safe cycling practices while cycling on the hill.   There continues to be a few people who ignore the rules and fortunately they are the minority.   Your assistance in policing those individuals is always appreciated.

A few important reminders and rules to abide by when accessing Observatory Hill:

  • Our business and facility are essentially a 24/7 operation.  A closed gate does not mean there will not be vehicular traffic on the road nor does the gate impede the walkers, hikers and wildlife from access.
  • Our busiest commuting period is Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 9:30 am and 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm. Group cycling activities should be avoided during these periods.
  • Ride according to the posted speed limits at all times but particularly through the building site where there is abundant pedestrian traffic and a blind corner.
  • Helmets are mandatory in accordance with BC Law.
  • Cycling traffic is restricted from proceeding around the 1.8 m Dome, consistent with motor vehicle traffic rules.  Signage has been installed indicating this is for pedestrians only.
  • We are also requesting that cyclists who are training or in groups, use the circle turn-about located between the White House and the smaller telescope dome (near the concrete water tank) as their upper point of return. 
  • Absolutely no off-road cycling is permitted on site whatsoever.
  • If training in groups please try keep your numbers spread out so as not to impede traffic and permit passing.  Do not congest the travelled portions – use the parking lot areas for rest or discussion.
  • Always stay within your lane.
  • Observatory Hill is the property of National Research Council Canada and for all intents and purposes, it is private property.  Safety of all is our utmost priority. 

We look forward to your continued support in encouraging all cyclists to abide by our rules and to exercise caution at all times.  Please help all of us by disseminating this message to your cycling colleagues.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns and please report any unsafe condition or incidents.  Thank you and safe cycling! 

Best Regards, Clyde Donnelly, FMA,  Site Operations Supervisor

Administrative Services and Property Management    /    Direction des services administratifs et gestion de l'immobilier.  National Research Council Canada   /   Conseil national de recherches Canada.  5071 W Saanich Rd, Victoria, V9E 2E7. Government of Canada   /   Gouvernement du Canada  Phone  250 363 0004 \ Cel  250 888 1093 \  Fax  250 363 0077 \ Clyde.Donnelly@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca


Synergy Bazan Bay 5k Race Video

Athletics illustrated has a great video of the Synergy Health Management Bazan Bay 5k race: http://athleticsillustrated.com/video/bazan-bay-5k-2014-race-video/.  On the same page there is also an interview with Bruce Deacon.



A big 'Thank You' for everyone who helped with this year's SYNERGY BAZAN BAY 5K RACE. 

We had 633 finishers, the largest field in the VIRA race series.   The winner, Geoff Martinson, set a BC 5K record of 14:12.  

Our charity this year was the Peninsula Emergency "Search and Rescue Team".    They received $500.  

We are also supporting TWC member Stephan Moreau in his "Wounded Warrior" Big Battlefield bike ride in France with a $100 donation.*

Put a BIG X on MARCH 8TH, 2015

Wounded Warriors Canada "Battllefield Ride 2014"  has a raffle entry for a Cervello S5 bike with every individual donation of $20.  (Designate to Stephan Moreau.)  Tax receipt provided.

BOWLING....BOWLING....BOWLING!   MARCH 23RD.  Have you contacted our social committee to book your bowling?   Great fun for everyone!  Family and friends welcome. No experience required.   No equipment required.  Ten dollars($10) gets you two games of five pin and bowling shoes. jacqway@hotmail.com


Kevin Taylor is heading off on an incredible hiking project in April. 

Fern is starting an exciting journey in a new age group.

Come, run, walk, visit, and find out more.......

Fern is hosting this run and send off.   Put a big X on your calendar.


BC ATHLETICS "ROAD RUNNING INSTRUCTORS COURSE". The BC Athletics Run Instructors Coaching Course is coming to Victoria. If you are coaching for TWC or would like to help with the coaching, TWC will help with the costs.  Let Wayne know if you are interested.  


YOUTH T-SHIRTS. We have 14 youth t-shirts from the Victoria Youth Triathlon to clear.  Do you have a youth group or charity who can use them?   waynecoulson@shaw.ca




MARCH 8, 2015 - BAZAN BAY 5K


Bazan Bay 5k Results and Photos.

Congratulations to all 633 finishers!  Preliminary results are here, PIH results are here.  Results for 10 TWC finishers are here.  Awards photos are here.


A New Year's Reminder

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

A few reminders to start the new year:

  • Set yourself realistic goals for 2014.  See “Guidelines for Setting Goals” by Fern Esau in our Coaching Section.
  • If your goal is sports related, set up your training schedule early. 
  • Training with others will help support your program. 
  • Check the TWC Calendar for our training sessions.  They may fit your needs.  We have several qualified TWC coaches to help you.
  • Looking for a training partner?  Maybe a note in the Digest will help.
  • Renew your TWC membership.  This is important for club insurance.
  • Put a big X on SUNDAY, MARCH 9TH.   This is the date for the SYNERGY 2014 BAZAN BAY 5K and we need your help.

And remember,

  • Renew your TRI-BC membership if triathlons are on your program.
  • The VIRA Island Race Series starts on Sunday, January 12th, with the PIONEER 8K.  Regular deadline fee,  January 8th (pih.bc.ca)
  • Register online for the series or individual races.  Hard copies also available on each website.
  • Remember to put down your team name, Team West Coast(TWC).

Wayne Coulson



TWC Christmas Party!

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that we are coming down to the wire for Christmas Party tickets…if you haven’t gotten yours then now is the time!

If you want to join in the fun on Saturday, December 7th then please contact Maggie Bateman to get your tickets: social@twc.bc.ca.

Don’t forget that music requests can be sent to Denis Sutton, our DJ.  primetimekaraoke@gmail.com.



TWC AGM and Christmas Stuff

First of all I want to thank you all for volunteering your time to help with TWC this past year and thank you for offering to continue in your capacity in the next year.....  Team members really appreciate your efforts as do I! 

Our annual Christmas Party is less than a month away.  I am hoping that we can get a good turn out and make a real party out of the evening.  Please try to encourage your friends and team mates to come along.  The price is a bargain.

For catering purposes we would like to keep a total of tickets sold.  When you sell tickets, please let Kellee know.   She keeps a master list.   Maggie, Mike Walsh, and FR Victoria, all have tickets.  Use Maggie's email to order tickets.

Jacqui and I are out of town from November 15th to December 2nd.   I am hoping to be able to access my email but....

Any general Christmas Party questions, ask Maggie Bateman. social@twc.bc.ca

Updates about ticket sales/finance, ask Kellee Drummond. treasurer@twc.bc.ca

TWC questions, ask Rob Hare.  vp@twc.bc.ca